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The Roland Group is engaged in two major categories of business: electronic musical instruments and computer-related peripherals centered on large-format color printers.

Under our slogan "Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity", we are steadily expanding our business domain to include the fields of video and images, focusing mainly on video-editing equipment. Our challenge is to turn your imagination into sound, into video, and, finally, into reality.

The business of "creating" has become more globalized, diversified and individualized. Consumers all over the world have come to value quality more than quantity. This makes our role so much more critical than ever before. Responding to all these changes in a flexible manner, we are pursuing new growth based on our deep technological power. This has given birth to numerous "world's first" and "Japan's first" products.

At the same time, we strongly recognize our social responsibility as a company committed to a culture of creativity. We strive to do our BEST to be an organization that inspires "Cooperative Enthusiasm" among all our stakeholders.
Jun-ichi Miki,
CEO and Representative Director

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