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  The Roland Story
A history of innovation introduces many products first.

Roland will continue to open up all the new potential of electronic instruments, drawing on its reservoir of cutting-edge technologies such as sound synthesis, soundfield processing, recording, graphics, and software development.
  Development History

  1973- SH-1000 Japan’s first synthesizer
The first of its kind to be produced in Japan, the SH-1000 was an instant hit with its compact dimensions, easy operation and affordable pricing. Roland’s first pure electronic combo-piano, the EP-10, was also released this year.
  1975 - JC-series Best-selling guitar amps
This guitar amp series with its outstanding chorus effects quickly received acclaim. The long-time best seller JC-120 is still the choice of top guitarists around the world.
  1976 - System-700 Japan’s first modular synthesizer system
A complete electronic studio system that many leading broadcasting stations such as the BBC used.
  1977 - GR-500 World’s first guitar synthesizer
The world’s first guitar synthesizer turned the music world around by associating the synthesizer with an instrument other than keyboards.
TR-808 Programmable rhythm machine TB-303 Bass Line
A groundbreaking rhythm machine that used microcomputer chips which allowed the user to program a song’s rhythm patterns. Along with the TB-303, the TR-808 still maintains considerable popularity among musicians and studios.
  Jupiter-8 Eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer
One of Roland’s earliest polyphonic (capable of producing more than one voice simultaneously) synthesizers. This significant product was a guidepost to today’s synthesizer development.
  MC-4 Sequencer
Designed for controlling automatic synthesizer performance, the MC-4 had a strong impact on the world market through its new concept of linking electronic instruments with computers.
  1986 - RD-1000 Digital piano
The first electronic piano to feature the acclaimed Roland SA synthesis technology. A measure of excellence even current digital pianos are compared to.
  1987 - D-50 Linear digital synthesizer
Roland’s first full-digital synthesizer was a worldwide sensation and hit for its unprecedented level of operating ease and stunning sound.
  1988 - Musi-kun* Desktop music system
Offering everything needed to create music in conjunction with a personal computer, this system and its related software were instrumental in gaining Roland a solid position in the DTM market.

* available only in Japan
  1990 - HP-3700 Digital piano
Notable for its excellent sound quality and refined design, this product set a new trend for digital pianos, one still ongoing in current models.
  RSS Roland Sound Space
Revolutionary sound processor that creates a three-dimensional sound environment using conventional two-channel playback. Today, it is an indispensable piece of equipment in all audio industry sectors.
  1991 - JD-800 Programmable synthesizer
Combining stunning digital sound and sophisticated digital technology with a natural feel and warmth reminiscent of analog instruments, the JD-800 was an instant sensation.
  SC-55 Sound Canvas
The very first GS format sound module that became a big hit due to its superb sound quality, compact design and high cost effectiveness.
  1994 - Video Canvas* Desktop video system
An advanced product that made it easy to perform professional video editing at home using a personal computer.

* available only in Japan
  1995 - VG-8 V-Guitar System
Combining Roland’s original COSM concept and the latest DSP sound modeling technology created a product that significantly extended the guitar’s expressiveness.
  1996 - VS-880 Digital Studio Workstation
This fully digital hard disk recorder delivering all the power of a professional digital studio took the entire industry by storm.
  MC-303 Groovebox
A sequencer with a built-in sound source that was enthusiastically received by DJs and clubs.
  1997 - V-Drums Digital drums
V-Drums made possible an entirely new standard of drum performance through its extraordinary virtual simulation of drums sounds both acoustic and electronic. Its special synthetic membrane pads offer unrivalled natural expressiveness and feel.
  1998 - VS-1680 Digital Studio Workstation
A landmark product incorporating the most advanced Roland technology, the VS-1680 offers cutting-edge professional performance and exceptionally smooth, intuitive operation without compromise.
  1999 - V-Mixer Digital Mixing System
A product realized by making good use of the company’s advanced digital processing technology, the V-Mixer incorporates a discrete system consept (processors and consoles separated) that is the world’s first. The V-Mixer is a genuine brekthrough that offers innovative possibilities in the mixing environment for PA and recording engineers.
  SC-8850 Sound Canvas
The world’s first MIDI sound module that supports USB. The SC-8850 Sound Canvas is a top-of-the-line sound module featuring an immense assortment of hige-quality sound data.
  2000 - VP-9000 VariPhrase Processor
Newly developed VariPhrase technology offers independent realtime control for pitch, time and formant during sample playback. The VP-9000 is the first product to use this revolutionary audio processing technology.
  2001 - DV-7 Digital Video Workstation
A stand-alone system for creating professional-quality videos with remarkable ease. It provides an efficient working environment with a complete set of professional video editing tools.

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